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Well-Bricks 維盛資通 - DRAM記憶體模組、SSD固態硬碟

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Founded in 2006, headquartered in Taiwan, founded by Mr. Zhang Xiuwei, general manager of the company, has now become a global leader in consumer electronics and industrial products. It has a professional R & D, production, business and marketing team dedicated to the IC, semiconductor and electronic peripheral parts of the sale.
We uphold the high quality of the product concept, and customer-centric, to provide the most professional customer service, in the face of changing market demand, VIA has the ability to respond quickly to meet a wide range of consumer demand.


Feel the highest quality

Weisheng through technological innovation, leading the industry trend; customers want to, we can do it. Compared to the brand awareness of products, foreign customers pay more attention to product performance, and services.
Weisheng continues to provide customized and integrated service measures for small and medium enterprises with different stages and needs, and other enterprises have ceased to produce products. We have not given up and endeavored to provide products that meet the needs of our customers.


Marketing: Precise

We provide the highest quality service, in line with your pursuit of cutting-edge technology to help you in the new technology products before, have enough time to enjoy our products, you stop the pursuit of brand and trend, and save a lot of unnecessary The cost of choosing us, you spend every dollar more worth it.