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Well-Bricks 維盛資通 - DRAM記憶體模組、SSD固態硬碟

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Wellbricks,as a company in Taiwan, has its own Factory, has OEM & ODM for many worldwide well-known brands, is positioned as an international brand that meets consumer demand for memory. Our main products include portable computer memory modules, desktop computer memory modules (DDR3/DDR4, etc.), server memory modules, gaming memory modules, solid-state storage hard drives SSD (2.5 SATA, M.2 SATA, NVMe M.2 PCIE, etc.), various types of memory card modules (SD, CF, Micron SD, PSSD, USB, etc.), and network storage devices, communication products and cloud service product. The products all have the remarkable characteristics of high cost performance and vast majority MIT (Made In Taiwan).


Wellbricks is a pioneer of memory. In 2018, a high-speed SSD was launched. In 2020, wellbricks launched the Taiwan-made memory products (DDR4, SSD) of the Qualie Pro series solution, setting a new benchmark for Taiwan-made memory. In one fell swoop, we broke the long-term monopoly of international giants on the Asian memory product market and opened the latest chapter of memory.


Wellbricks adheres to people-oriented, seeks truth from facts, starts from the market, and continuously improves its core competitiveness. We have gradually grown from a leader in the cost performance of domestic memory products to a pioneer of memory and a memory brand trusted by global computer users.




Feel the highest quality

Wellbricks through technological innovation, leading the industry trend; customers want to, we can do it. Compared to the brand awareness of products, foreign customers pay more attention to product performance, and services.
Wellbricks continues to provide customized and integrated service measures for small and medium enterprises with different stages and needs, and other enterprises have ceased to produce products. We have not given up and endeavored to provide products that meet the needs of our customers.


Marketing: Precise

We provide the highest quality service, in line with your pursuit of cutting-edge technology to help you in the new technology products before, have enough time to enjoy our products, you stop the pursuit of brand and trend, and save a lot of unnecessary The cost of choosing us, you spend every dollar more worth it.